“He (Lepanto) had finished his studies at university when he turned to painting and that was like a second birth.
He became a painter and it turned out that he was born to be a painter …”
Hans-Georg Gadamer (1991)

“Ο Wassili Lepanto είχε ολοκληρώσει τις πανεπιστη-
μιακές σπουδές του, όταν στράφηκε στη ζωγρα-
φική και αυτό ήταν σαν μια νέα γέννηση: Έγινε
ζωγράφος και αποδείχθηκε, πως ήταν γεννημένος
για να ζωγραφίζει.”
Hans-Georg Gadamer (1991)


The big Exhibition in Benaki-Museum, Athen, 2011